Truth -2 day-Adventure Trip-SM1/Gosford Wreck and past Pt. Conception (Experienced Advanced divers and above)

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Date: Saturday/Sunday, Sept. 14 & 15, 2019

The wrecks of the SM1 Humble and Gosford are two of the best wrecks in California and both are two of the least visited not to mention all points beyond these wrecks past Point Conception. Join Channel Islands Dive Adventures aboard the Truth for a trip to both wrecks and some exploring on Saturday/Sunday, Sept. 14 & 15, 2019. Both wrecks are excellent dives and I am sure we will find some very cool reefs as well. Join us for this one of a kind trip!

The plan is to board on Friday night between 8:00-midnight with the Truth departing at 3:00 am with us getting back about 6:00 pm Sunday. Both wrecks were never made or sunk as diver friendly wrecks so you must be careful when diving around them. Both wrecks are very seldom dived and some of the coolest ones around. This is a must do for an advanced diver who likes to dive wrecks.

The Gosford sunk in 1893 in Coho, Anchorage after being towed there while burning for 5 days. She now sits in 35’-40’ of water on a sandy bottom with lots of fish and kelp growing all around her and is now an excellent artificial reef. There is still much to see of the Gosford after all the years that have gone by including lots of photo opportunities not only of the Gosford, but also all the marine life that calls her home, sometimes you can spot the wolf eels in a hole on the starboard bow. The Gosford makes for a perfect shallow dive after diving the SM-1 and she is only about 10 minutes away from the SM-1.

We have never explored past Pt. Conception but know there are reefs with lots healthy kelp. We will mainly be looking for reefs between 50'-100' with as much structure as we can find. Be an explorer and step outside the box for this trip!

Trip Details:

  • Where: Adventure Trip-SM1/Gosford Wreck and past Pt. Conception
  • Depart from: Sea Landing, Santa Barbara
  • When: Saturday/Sunday, Sept. 14 & 15, 2019
  • Time: Board the Truth between 8:00-midnight Friday with the Truth departing at 3:00 am Saturday and back to dock about 6:00 pm Sunday
  • Cost: $391.00 includes lot's of dives, 1 night dive, meals, air and reserved bunk

This trip is best suited for Experienced Advanced divers and above that have experience in cold water conditions including; current, swell, kelp, possible limited visibility and deep water. The wrecks visited are unique and interesting and inherently have more hazards and may not necessarily have the best dive conditions. Most importantly, good buoyancy control is needed and surface signal tubes are always recommended.